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Tech. Articles

The following articles are written by MiniGUI developers. These articles aim to show people how to program with MiniGUI in real cases.

Drawing Olympic Rings by Using GDI APIs

This article describes howto draw Olympic Rings by using MiniGUI's GDI APIs.

Howto Install MiniGUI 3.0 on Linux PC

A Brief Guide to Install MiniGUI V3.0.x on A Linux PC Box


  • MiniGUI Technology White Paper (PDF)
    This white paper describes the features of MiniGUI V3.0 
  • Datasheet of MiniGUI (PDF)
    This document describes the technology specifications of MiniGUI V3.0. 
  • MiniGUI User Manual (PDF)
    This manual describes the compile-time configuration options and run-time configuration options of MiniGUI V3.0.
  • MiniGUI Programming Guide (PDF)
    This guide describes in detail the foundation knowledge of MiniGUI on developing embedded application software, technical documents and development skills, the content of which involves various aspects of MiniGUI programming, include message looping, window procedure, dialog box, controls, graphics interfaces, and so on. 
  • MiniGUI API Reference
    This reference gives the detailed description of MiniGUI V3.0 APIs. 

MiniGUI Components


  • User Manual (PDF)


  • User Manual (PDF)
  • Programming Guide (PDF)
  • Pluging Programming Guide (PDF)


  • Tech. White Paper (PDF)
  • User Manual (PDF)
  • Programming Guide (PDF)