Commercial License of MiniGUI

The open source versions of MiniGUI are licensed under the GPL license. So any links about MiniGUI must follow GPL. If you cannot accept GPL, you need to be licensed from FMSoft. If you wonder that if you need the commercial license of MiniGUI, please refer to the licensing policy of MiniGUI. We provide you the commercial lincense of MiniGUI according to the number of the run-time binary copies of MiniGUI.

Purchasing Procedure 

You can just fill in the following form to submit your order information:


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Tech. Support

We will provide you the tech. support service according to the terms in the contract. You should fill in the email address to send/receive the questions and answers. We will only provide the technical support from the email address.


  • To obtain the commercial license of MiniGUI for Linux, VxWorks, ThreadX, or other RTOS, please email to us.