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After the main developers of MiniGUI found a new software corporation, Beijing FMSoft Technologies Co., Ltd., the copyright holder of MiniGUI changes to FMSoft. For more information about FMSoft, please visit the following web sites:


The orignal author of MiniGUI is WEI Yongming. He is living in Beijing, P.R.China. At present, the core coding men of MiniGUI are WEI Yongming and the MiniGUI Team of FMSoft.

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Posted by André on
I am trying to get documentation files for MiniGUI and other components, but the some of the PDF files in the english version of the website are also in chinese. Maybe this is just a simple problem, of linking the wrong files.
If that can be fixed, would be great.
Thank you,
Posted by Jim on
Please add the V3.0 MiniGUI manual link to the documentation page. It presently is absent.
Posted by Banny Chim on

May I have enquiry on MiniGUI license.

I have read the license policy and have question in following statement.
"As long as you never distribute (internally or externally) the MiniGUI and/or mDolphin in any way, you are free to use it for powering your application, irrespective of whether your application is under GPL license or not."

I am developing program for my embedded Linux system. It is a machine with LCD display. We are not distributing software. It is just inside our machine. Can we use GPL license in such case?

Best regards,
Posted by Sai on
I have compiled a minigui program in ubuntu 12.0 and tried to execute it, then following error is occuring. I was not able to find a solution. Please help me in solving this problem as soon as possible.

Error message:
NEWGAL: Does not find matched engine: qvfb.
KERNEL>InitGUI: Can not get graphics engine information!

Thanks & Regards,
Posted by Steve Young on
Please fix the link for English pdf of Programming Guide. Clicking link is 404, clicking pdf is Chinese.
Posted by zhengguoling on
when i compile the qvfb ./configure 'checking for libXext... no
configure: error: We need a working libXext to proceed. Since configure
can't find it itself, we stop here assuming that make wouldn't find
them either.' but there is in /usr/lib/
Posted by Milan Halaj on

Our company (APIS Slovakia) try to develop firmware with graphic user interface for Access Control Systems. Is it possible to download "mDolphin Home Release" only for test purposes.

Thank you
Posted by Anjusha P on
we are using ministudio version 1.0 for creating gui using drag n drop approach,we created a plain form but we are not able to put any bmp ,png , jpeg or any image over that form , we are able to export that image but we are not able to switch it back to guibuilder menu to see form, for further development.
Please reply with steps to load image in ministudio ASAP.
Posted by Artyom Dmitriev on
Hello.There is a question about minigui. Is it possible to rotate image by 270 or 90 degree? It's very important for our project. We'd like to use an lcd in portrait orientation,but lcd is meant to use in landscape orientation. The platform is based on stm32f429 controller.
Posted by Moyses on
Hi there I'm trying to download the miniStudio for WIndows for the last three days and it stops everytime at 10mb. ISA there another way to download this?

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